The One Called Skweeker

I was introduced to ham radio by some family friends and decided this would be a hobby that I would enjoy due to some overlap with other hobbies I have. I received my technician license in July 2005. From there, I started working events with the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club. The 2005 Cornhusker State Games was my first event. Armed with a Yaesu VX-7R, I learned a lot over that weekend! It took only a couple of hours to find that I needed a mobile rig in the car, so I ordered an FT-8800R. From there, I helped with every event I heard about. The following spring I went to the National Weather Service's lecture on storm spotting and started participating in severe weather spotting for Douglas county. I upgraded to General just in time for Field Day 2007, for which I was the coordinator for Ak-Sar-Ben ARC. Currently, I'm learning more about HF, QRP, weather, and radio in general.

You can find me monitoring 146.940, 147.000, and 146.760 in south-eastern Nebraska.

I am officially a member of the Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club in Omaha, NE, but do a lot with the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club as well. My favorite aspect of this hobby are public service and the experimentation of building, however that can be very frustrating! I'm licensed on other services, also -- GMRS (WQHN833) and was in USAF MARS for a short time using AFT3CK.

Personal: I work for a business services company in event management, and live in a house with another person, and lots of animals!

I can be reached on AOL Instant Messenger, e-mail me me for my screen name.

73 DE Corby K0SKW