Ak-Sar-Ben Field Day 2008

We'll be at the Walnut Creek Lake and Recreation Area in Papillion. The park is north-west of 96th and Highway 370. We have reserved for us the picnic shelter. This shelter is located along Turkey Road, on the east side of the road. Detailed directions and maps will be added at a later date.


They have a few rules they'd like us to follow...

  • This is not a state park, therefore you do NOT need a state park permit.
  • This is a pack in, pack out park. Meaning, if you bring it in, you take it out -- there are no trash cans on site.
  • The park has allowed us to pitch a few tents near the shelter for those who would like to camp the night. I imagine we should be a little conservative on the number of tents we have set up, should we have tents set up.
  • If you pitch a tent, you're expected to pay the $14 camper fee.
  • Don't bring your RV and expect it to be up with the picnic shelter. The park does have RV facilities near the entrance. I suppose you may bring your RV, set it up there, and then walk up to where our shleter is, should you desire.
  • All generators must be shut off 2200 local to 0600 local.
  • Gates are closed from 2200 local to 0600 local. We are allowed to exit in an emergency, but please, stay in once you're in.

We're (mostly) all adults here, and I'm certain none of this will be a problem for those participating in this fun event!


Our shelter! Bring your own power. And trash can.
Sorry guys, the trees aren't big enough to hang dipoles from... we'll have to get creative!
We have water, to put out the fires with.. hey, you never know!
Picnic tables, with things resembling grills!
A playground!
Bathrooms, and a drinking fountain!
Handicapped access, with a paved path to the shelter
Plenty of parking... this a crushed rock lot.